Budgeting FAQ

Budgeting FAQ

No, we do not support custom categories at the moment.

Yes, you can see your budget history by tapping ‘Transaction History’ at the bottom of any budget category page.

Yes, you can change every transaction’s category by tapping on the transaction, tapping ‘Edit’ next to the category field, and choosing the appropriate category. You can choose to always assign a certain merchant to a specific category, or just to make the change once.

Budgeting helps you monitor where your money is going by automatically tracking your transactions, and classifying them under 6 essential categories. By connecting to your bank account, TWIG can read transaction data without you having to input anything manually. Budgeting also helps you know how much you have left to spend from your income and to adjust your spending, and saving accordingly.

You can link your bank account if you are a client of a Bank that is already a partner with TWIG, in which case you can link directly with the bank without going through any third-party. Customers from any bank in the UAE can utilize a service provided by a third-party open banking partner, in which they link their accounts to it.

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