Savings FAQ

Savings FAQ

At the moment TWIG is completely free, and we do not charge transaction fees. We will update you of any changes to fees, but rest assured that we will always offer a free plan.

There is no minimum. However, during our beta phase we have set the maximum amount of savings to AED 3,600 / day, and the threshold for the total balance you can have in your TWIG account at AED 18,000. We will update you once that changes

TWIG will automatically let you know when your savings are due based on the parameters of each Saving Plan. During our beta phase, funds will only be transferred after you approve the transaction, for your security and peace of mind. If you choose to ignore them, TWIG will not initiate the transaction.

Yes, you can do so at any time by going into your Routine or Roundup plan, tapping ‘Edit’ and toggling the switch to either enable or disable your saving plan. You can also change the amount and date as you wish.

Yes, you can have up to 2 Routines, and 1 Roundup running all at once.

In order to create a saving plan, go to the ‘Savings’ tab, tap the ‘New Saving Plan’ button or the (+) icon in the top right-hand corner, select the saving plan you would like to set up, and adjust the parameters to your preference.

TWIG’s automated saving plans help you put money on the side automatically, without having to think about it. TWIG will automatically let you know when it’s time to transfer that money to your TWIG account.

You can link your bank account if you are a client of a Bank that is already a partner with TWIG, in which case you can link directly with the bank without going through any third-party. Customers from any bank in the UAE can utilize a service provided by a third-party open banking partner, in which they link their accounts to it.

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